Product List
    1. Magnesium hydroxide

      FNF magnesium hydroxide is an ideal retardant material on rubber, plastic rubbers, electric apparatus, engineering plastic etc. Raw material of other magnesium salts and ...

    1. Potassium carbonate

      FNF potassium carbonate is suitable for use as foliar spray fertilizer and a constituent of compound fertilizer, raw materials in manufacturing electronical tube, anti-aging agent in ...

    1. Potassium formate

      FNF potassium formate is used as environmentally-friendly deicing salt on roads, use in the petroleum drilling and mine exploitation.

    1. Urea

      Mostly used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture, urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers in common use. Can apply directly to the soil or dissolve ...

    1. Ammonium chloride

      Ammonium chloride is ideal for use as nitrogenous fertilizer, material for manufacturing batteries and other ammonium salt, adjuvant in the dye, an ingredient of fireworks, adjuvant ...

    1. Calcium chloride anhydrate

      Formula: CaCl2
      Appearance: White powder
      Assay: 95.0% min
      Alkali metals and chloride: 2.5% max
      Insoluble matters in water: 0.25% max

    1. Calcium lignin sulfonate

      Calcium lignin sulfonate is suitable for use as strength agent, antifreeze and pumping agent, a carrier for the production of encapsulated vitamins, adhesion agent in mining industry, ...

    1. Calcium cyanamide

      Calcium cyanamide is a gray and black powder or granule, slightly soluble in water, and smells like calcium carbide and ammonia.

    1. Manganese carbonate

      Use as additive in feed and as microelement fertilizer. Manganese carbonate is a raw material of ferrite, catalyst, pigment, drier, and the material of manganous salts.

    1. Manganese chloride

      Use as microelement fertilizer, Manganese chloride is mainly used in the production of dry cell batteries, catalyst in the chloration of chemical, paint drier, anti-shock agent of ...

    1. Manganous oxide

      Widely used in agriculture and industry, manganous oxide is a gray powder or gray green powder crystal, and is insoluble in water.
      Use as fertilizer and feed additive, ...

    1. Urea methylene(MU/UF)

      Urea methylene is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer, synthesized, under certain conditions, from urea and formaldehyde.
      With long-term effectiveness, urea ...

    1. Zinc chloride

      Zinc chloride is mainly used in the battery industry as raw material, in organic synthesis, use as dehydrated agent and coupling reagent, catalyst, mordant, in the textile, ...


Agrochemicals are various chemical products used in agriculture, including the usual chemicals, such as urea, Potassium carbonate, Manganese chloride, Ammonium chloride, Urea methylene, Calcium chloride anhydrate, Zinc chloride and so on.

FNF is a China agrochemicals manufacturer and supplier. We offer agrochemicals, and plant growth regulators, and lithium product. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. FNF is located in China, and the full chain of manufacturing new chemicals, phosphate fertilizer, can be completed in China, even in one city. Lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. The more details of each product are shown on the page with description.