Product List
    1. Chlormequat chloride (CCC)

      Use as plant growth regulators in agriculture, chlormequat chloride inhibits cell elongation, hence shorten and strengthen the stem, protects the wheat, rye, oats, and triticale ...

    1. Diaminozide (B9)

      Diaminozide is a plant growth regulator. It makes the harvest earlier and enhances the color. Biochemistry interferes with gibberellic and acid biosynthesis compact. ...

    1. Ethephon

      Ethephon promotes the pre-harvest ripening in fruit and vegetables, induces the rooting in the cuttage rooting, promotes the shedding fruit and other crops, ...

    1. Forchlorfenuron (CPPU)

      Forchlorfenuron can use as plant growth regulators in agriculture, promote cell division, differentiation and development. CPPU can increase the fruit size, promote fruit setting and ...

    1. GA3 SP (10%,20%)

      GA3 SP improves the fruit setting. Apply at full flowering to prevent the formation of deformed fruits or the reduction of productivity in the following year. GA3 SP limits damages caused ...

    1. GA3 tablet (2%,10%,20%)

      GA3 tablet improves the fruit setting. Apply at full flowering, to prevent the formation of deformed fruits or the reduction of productivity in the following year. GA3 tablet limits damages ...

    1. GA4+7

      GA4+7 is a white to pale yellow crystal powder that stimulates bud opening and anticipated shoot sprouting, and improves branch angulation.

    1. Mepiquat chloride

      Mepiquat chloride is a plant growth regulator, inhibits the biosynthesis of gibberellic acid inside crops when absorbed by leaves and roots. It can restrain the elongation of cell, ...

    1. Paclobutrazol

      Paclobutrazol inhibits gibberellin biosynthesis and is involved in reducing abscisic acid, ethylene and indole-3-acetic acid while increasing cytokinin levels.

    1. Triacontanol

      A new natural plant growth regulator usually applied as a foliar spray. Triacontanol promotes the crops to absorb mineral element, increase its content of protein and sugar, ...

    1. Zeatin

      As a plant hormone, zeatin uses as a spraying application, promotes callus initiation when combined with auxin. Zeatin also promotes fruit setting, retards yellowing for vegetables, ...

    1. 4-Chlorophenoxy Acetic Acid (4-CPA)

      Absorbed by plant via root, stem, leaf, bloom and fruit, 4-chlorophenoxy acetic acid can prevent drop of bloom and fruit, inhibit rooting of beans, promote fruit set, induce formation of seedless .

    1. Thidiazuron

      Thidiazuron is suitable for use as a plant growth regulator, and can stimulate a large and sustained increase in the rate of ethylene, as leaf abscission in many plants, ...

    1. Paclobutrazol

      Applicable Crop :Application Time
      Wheat, corn :Soak seeds with the product for 10 to12 hours before sowing.
      Peanut, cotton :Full-bloom stage

    1. Thidiazuron

      Product name: Thidiazuron
      Other names: Dropp, separate
      Formulation: 50% WP
      CAS NO.: 51707-55-2