Product List
    1. Lithium hydroxide monohydrate

      Lithium hydroxide monohydrate is suitable for use in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, glass and ceramic, battery, lubricating greases and raw material for other lithium chemicals, and corrosion-resisting zinc-based dyestuff.

    1. Lithium carbonate

      Lithium carbonate can be used as a flux in the aluminium, glass and ceramics production to improve the brightness of glazes and increase the firing range. It can also be used as an additive in cement industry to improve acceleration and fast setting process and as an additive in floor screeds and tiles. Lithium carbonate is suitable for the production of other lithium chemicals and organic compounds as a catalyst.

    1. Lithium chloride

      Lithium chloride is used to manufacture metal lithium, welding additives, in organic synthetic industry, air conditioning system, electronic and pharmaceutical industries.
      LiCl: 99.0 min
      Na K: 0.16% max

    1. Lithium nitrate

      Lithium nitrate can be used as liquid ammonia stabilizing agent in refrigeration equipment, rocket propellant, oxidant in fireworks, etchant in glass manufacture, antistatic agent, component of molten salts in metallurgical industry. Lithium nitrate can also be used in the manufacture of the fluorophor materials and other lithium salts.

    1. Lithium hydroxide anhydrous

      Lithium hydroxide anhydrous is suitable for use as a semi-product in organic synthesis. Agent for producing lithium compounds, including those use in fabrication of compounds for various types of lithium batteries. Lithium hydroxide anhydrous is an alloying component for obtaining special properties of glass and ceramics. It is an additive to special oils and greases. Working material in special systems for ...

    1. MTV-III Lithium Salt (CAS 201409-23-6)

      Appearance Off-white to light yellow powder
      Identification by IR The infrared absorption spectrum of the test sample is concordant with the spectrum of reference standard

Lithium Product

Lithium products are widely used in industry, such as use in batteries, lubricating greases, ceramics and so on, including Lithium hydroxide monohydrate, Lithium carbonate, Lithium chloride, Lithium nitrate, Lithium hydroxide anhydrous and so on.

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